LeadersApp Technologies LTD is currently the leading company in Israel in the field of technological education.
The company successfully operates the prestigious technology programs in schools in Israel

The company’s managers and staff are veterans of the IDF’s computer units

One of the company’s flagship programs is the “MAMRAM Program

The program is widely supported by SalesForce and AMAZONthis program approved by the Ministry of Education in Israel .

The syllabus of the program was carefully constructed to suit he needs of the military in the technological and cyber world

Students studying in the program

Will receive the highest level of knowledge and training for the high tech world

Students have a high chance of serving in the leading technology units in the military

Students in the program will learn all of the computer science at the highest level, focusing on the needs of the military and the technological warfare that exists today

Programming in a variety of programming languages

Cyber Security, “attack and protection”

Amazon Web Services


Communication and hardware


Construction and launch of satellites into space

And more

As part of the program, we will accompany the students with the help of the best lecturers with a military background in the technology units from seventh grade to twelfth grade

Students will pass certification exams at the end of each course

the certification exams will give students prestigious certificates from companies like  AWS ,Microsoft, Cisco and more

Throughout the program, students will be exposed to military systems and military needs